Keep Quality Employees With Quality Benefits


(NewsUSA) - Small business owners know that one of the secrets to success is hiring quality employees and keeping them. One of the best ways to keep your best employees happy is by offering a robust benefits plan. In fact, 11 states now mandate that most small businesses offer employees a retirement plan, according to Value Point Associates (VPA), a national Employer Member Association that specializes in offering “large-company” benefits to small and medium-sized businesses.     

VPA leverages the size of its membership to negotiate affordable rates on top-notch employee benefits plans. These plans can be tailored to the needs of a range of small business models.     

“VPA’s association model is likely the easiest employee benefits arrangement in the country for small businesses,” says Michael Schifferle, director of sales and marketing for VPA.     

Some of the distinctive benefits of a VPA membership plan include:     

- Less stress. VPA handles the benefit package administration and design, and small businesses can choose from several programs to select the best fit.     

- More money. Many small employers feel they can’t offer a 401k plan to employees because of the high cost. With VPA’s incredibly reasonable rates, small businesses can offer the retirement savings plans that employees want, which helps them compete with larger businesses for top talent.     

- Less paperwork. VPA also assists its members with administrative tasks and services, including benefit package administration, coordination with payroll services, audits, and Form 5500 preparation and filing.     

- More security. Small business owners appreciate that VPA membership reduces personal ERISA fiduciary liability. By contrast, a larger employer offering a 401k plan serves as the plan’s sponsor itself, which increases liability.     

In addition to retirement plans, VPA offers affordable options for employee health insurance. Employers can explore both traditional group insurance and non-traditional coverage that provide the most flexibility and savings of time and money. VPA helps small businesses stay competitive on the health insurance front by offering employees ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement), QSEHRA (Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement), and other HRAs, as well as Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts.     

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